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HL Nina T3354
Mr.Perfect x TC Moonshine
50% Simmental
Owned with John Sweeney
2008 National Champion Foundation Simmental

Jensen Miss Rosalee 40Y
Ali x Hurricane
75% Maine Anjou
Owned with Barry Nowatzke and Jon Sweeney

TW Charlie’s Angel 33U
Paddy O’ Malley x Heat Wave
25% Maine Anjou
2009 National Champion Maintainer

Charlene n’ Charge 91W
Paddy O’ Malley x Payoff
62.5% Maine Anjou
Owned with Marty Van Vliet
2008 National Champion Maintainer

RRRC Miss Brandy 910W
RRRC Sport x Dr.Who
50% Maine Anjou
Owned with Kedley Farms